1 /tVf/ adjective
1 DIFFICULT difficult to do or deal with, and needing a lot of effort and determination: Life as a single mother can be tough and depressing. | a tough decision | The reporters were asking a lot of tough questions.
2 STRONG PEOPLE able to live through difficult or severe conditions: The men who work on the oil rigs are a tough bunch. | as tough as nails/as tough as old boots (=very tough): He's as tough as nails - a good man to have on the mountain rescue team.
3 STRONG THING not easily broken or made weaker: a very tough, hard-wearing cloth
4 DETERMINED very determined or strict: Congress is taking a tough anti-inflation line. | get tough with (=punish or deal with someone in a determined and strict way): It's time to get tough with drunk drivers. | be tough on (=treat someone very strictly): My mother was tougher on my older sister than she was on me. | It's time to get tough on crime. | tough nut/cookie/customer informal (=someone who is very determined to do what they want and not what other people want)
5 FOOD difficult to cut or eat: The meat was tough and hard to chew. | the tough outer leaves of the cabbage
—opposite tender 1
6 angry/not sorry spoken used when you do not have any sympathy with someone: tough!: “I'm getting wet.” “Tough! You should've brought your umbrella.” | She didn't tell us she was coming, so if this screws up her plans that's just tough.
7 tough luck spoken
a) also tough shit taboo used when you do not have any sympathy for someone's problems: Well, that's just their tough luck. It was their mistake.
b) BrE used when you feel sympathy about something bad that has happened to someone: You didn't get the job? Oh, tough luck.
8 VIOLENT PERSON likely to behave violently and having no gentle qualities: tough young thugs looking for trouble
9 VIOLENT AREA a tough part of a town has a lot of crime or violence: tough areas of Chicago
10 UNFORTUNATE unfortunate in a way that seems unfair
(+ on): It's really tough on him - his wife divorces him, then he has all these problems at work.
11 tough love AmE love and strictness at the same time
— toughly adverb — toughness noun (U) 2 noun (C) old-fashioned someone who often behaves in a violent way 3 verb tough it out to manage to stay in a difficult situation by being determined: We toughed it out, knowing the boss would soon be leaving.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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